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Avoid Online Embarrassment as an Entrepreneur

When you started that LiveJournal account as a college senior ten years ago, you might not have thought about the permanency of the internet. While most people have long forgotten about the blogs or journals they started online a decade ago, those past embarrassments might linger on in cyberspace. The same is true of anything […]

Mike Zammuto

Michael Zammuto Helps Businesses Understand SEO for ORM

If you want to improve your online reputation, you need to design webpages that will attract both search engines and human users – or the people performing the search. While search engine optimization (SEO) was once viewed as a way to cheat the system, to get search engines to rank irrelevant pages highly, people in […]

Mike Zammuto

Pinterest for Online Reputation Management

Pinterest, one of the newer social media networks, has proven worth as a great business tool for companies that want to take control of their online reputation. The site continues to gain users and prestige as the years and months go on, making it a great place for a company to establish itself. Pinterest is […]

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Mike Zammuto

Mike ZammutoMike Zammuto is the president of Brand.com. Prior to joining the team at Brand.com, he served as the COO at ChaCha, which grew to become a top 50 website under his leadership. Zammuto also held executive positions at companies such as Ecometry Corporation and Ontario Systems. He is committed to helping late stage growth businesses develop into great companies. During the course of his career, Zammuto has served as an executive at firms in a number of different phases.


As a technology and business professional, Zammuto is dedicated to building excellent companies from the ground up. He specializes in working with innovative businesses at a number of different stages in their growth and development. In addition to working with start up companies, he’s worked with Fortune 100 businesses, turnaround businesses and high-growth businesses. Mike Zammuto’s skills blend organizational leadership and people skills with product development and general management.

Past Experience

Zammuto has brought a wealth of experience to his role at Brand.com. His executive positions before coming to Brand.com have included:

  • COO at ChaCha - ChaCha is a question and answer website. When Zammuto was COO, the company grew to be a Top 5 mobile site and a top 20 social media destination. It also made the list as a Top 50 website.
  • COO at Ontario Systems - Ontario Systems provides accounts receivable and revenue cycle management solutions to the health care and collections industries. Zammuto describes his time with the company as the “most challenging and rewarding” of his career.  Under Zammuto’s watch, the company invested in three major areas: Research and Development, innovation, and people. Using a “Rapid Transformation” process, the company developed several new strategies, including a business and operating strategy, new corporate strategy, and new talent strategy, all to push the company to the next stage of growth.
  • Founder, Sapago - Zammuto founded the independent software vendor Sapago, which produced products that relied on RFID technology. Sapago technology pre-dated QR codes and allowed customers to scan barcodes and RFID tags on products to more fully interact with the company selling or producing those products. Sapago was awarded the 2005 “Best in Show” award at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference. The “Crafts Report” also named it one of the “Top 5 Products Your Business Can’t Live Without” in 2005.
  • Chief Technology Officer, Ecometry Corporation – During his time as CTO of Ecometry Corporation, the company grew and was eventually sold to Golden Gate Capital. The company then acquired two other companies and developed into Escalate Retail. Escalate was then purchased by Red Prairie, a company committed to enhancing the visibility of businesses.

Media Appearances

A number of media outlets have interviewed Zammuto and sought out his expertise. In 2004, he was interviewed by Global Office, a show that aired on CNN. The segment he was interviewed for examined the role of technology officers in business and companies, specifically the role they should play in the development of business strategy for the long term and the role they should play on company boards. In his interview, Michael Zammuto noted that it was uncommon for a CIO to become a CEO. He also addressed the fact that CIOs are charged with the often difficult job of educating CEO’s on technology, which is ever changing.

In 2004, Michael Zammuto was interviewed by CFO magazine for an article that discussed the “Great Divide” between CFO’s and CIO’s. Additionally, the Art-FID system developed by Sapago was profiled by the website Endgadget in 2005. Sapago products were also written about in RFID Journal and Retail Bulletin.


In 2010, Mike Zammuto led a webinar for the site ExecSense. His webinar provided tips on writing for CTOs. The hour long session contained advice on the ways CTOs could communicate more effectively through writing, including writing presentations and emails to clients and employees. The seminar also listed 10 areas that many CTO writers struggled with and answered commonly asked questions. The goal of the webinar was to give CTOs tips that they could put to use immediately.

Mike Zammuto: Working With Microsoft

In addition to his executive level work with a number of companies, Zammuto also had the privilege of partnering with Microsoft when he was the COO at Ontario Systems. The goal of the company’s strategic partnership with Microsoft was to improve innovation. Due to the partnership, Ontario Systems was a finalist for the Innovation of the Year Mira Award at Techpoint.

Another result of the partnership was a case study, written by Microsoft in 2010, that detailed the connection between Ontario Systems and Microsoft. Ontario Systems’ goal was to provide new features and functionality faster. It decided to use Microsoft’s technology platform instead of similar platforms offered by Oracle and IBM. Ontario Systems became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. As as result of the partnership, the company was able to bring products to market 50 percent faster and was able to expand the markets it reached.

Collect Savvy, a software product, was a more tangible result of the partnership between Microsoft and Ontario Systems. The software was available as software-as-services and as an on-premises version. It helped companies build more revenue by offering a better way to handle receivables.

Collect Savvy was designed to be used by any size company. With the newly developed software, Ontario Systems was able to reach a newer customer base, in particular law offices and smaller health care facilities. It also allowed Ontario Systems to better serve its current client base. With the software, companies could increase automation. They were also able to get a new insight into their business operations.

Current Position

Michael Zammuto currently holds the position of president of  Brand.com, the number one online reputation management service according to TopSEOs.com. At Brand.com, Zammuto leads a team of reputation management experts. Brand.com features some of the top experts in social media, SEO and direct marketing. The company is known for its patent pending command center technology and is the ORM choice for Fortune 500 companies, individuals and governments.

As the new president of Brand.com, Michael Zammuto oversees all operations of the company. He brings years of leadership experience to the position and intends to see the company through the next phase of its growth. Mike Zammuto is a proven leader and business expert.

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Philly office

Aug 29, 2013 by Jim D

Thank you for having us in your new Philadelphia office. It is an amazing space and I was impressed with your staff

Red Herring

May 08, 2013 by Jim Moore

Hi Mike, I saw the Red Herring announcement. Congrats to you and everyone there

Glad you are well

May 06, 2013 by Alex Conners

Congrats on everything Mike. It is amazing to see what a successful company ReputationChanger.com has grown into

Amazing Site

Feb 08, 2013 by Kevin Durant

Awesome design, congrats on the new site!!

4.8 5.0 4 4 Thank you for having us in your new Philadelphia office. It is an amazing space and I was impressed with your staff Mike Zammuto
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