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Digital advertising is not as effective as quality content and storytelling

Michael Zammuto Explains Why Storytelling Trumps Digital Advertising, Every Time IAB released a study with surprising conclusions regarding sponsored content and consumer feelings towards it. The study has massive implications for brand storytelling as a vehicle to engage audiences and boost awareness. Below, Michael Zammuto, President and COO of media platform, dissects the most… Read more »

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Why brands should focus on content rather than advertising

Michael Zammuto Gives 5 Reasons To Focus on Content Marketing, Not Advertising, To Reach Consumers Brands worldwide are realizing that content marketing offers opportunities that far outweigh the potential of traditional advertising methods. Michael Zammuto, the President and COO of, gives five reasons why companies should be prioritizing content marketing over advertising. Reason 1:… Read more »

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Mike Zammuto

I am a tech-focused leader who has guided multiple companies in strategic decision-making, planning and sustained growth throughout my career.

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Non-Profit Organization

One of my proudest accomplishments thus far with has been the development of the nonprofit organization.

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